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Whereisthecoldstoragecompany factory . specializes in the production and sales of cold storage installation, installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, fruit preservation cold storage, pharmaceutical cold storage and other industries; We have always adhered to the service tenet of 'faith-based and quality-oriented', strictly followed the national quality and safety management system, formed a complete set of supporting means system through long-term continuous technical research, development and practice, accumulated rich experience in practice, and established a strict quality assurance system and advanced testing means, It can independently undertake the design, installation and construction of refrigeration systems and anti-corrosion and thermal insulation systems in various large and medium-sized food, chemical, hotel, pharmaceutical, electronics, vegetables, flowers and other industries, and has achieved fruitful results. It can meet the needs of various customers to store goods, improve and timely after-sales services, and win high praise from customers.

With years of unremitting efforts and experience, the company has a group of experienced professional cold storage design and cold storage installation, electrical and mechanical design engineers, cold storage builders and other technicians, project managers and professional technical workers to ensure the high quality of each product! high-quality! The integrated one-stop service from production, sales to installation can reasonably save costs for customers, develop and improve the after-sales system, set up after-sales service outlets in various provinces, cities, cities and towns across the country, realize the joint guarantee of all products across the country, and bring convenient and fast experience and real benefits to customers!

Corporate culture

Enterprise spirit: honesty, friendliness, diligence and enterprising

Business philosophy: create life, start from struggle, test truth, start from practice, achieve career, and start from reputation

Management philosophy: if people do their best, they can do everything. If a hundred things are done, prosperity and strength are not enough. Persistent pursuit, contribute high-quality products and perfect services to the society.

Management features: rationalization, scientization, standardization and networking

Service concept: provide customers with excellent refrigeration products and technical services. Focus on customers and pursue excellence in products and services. Excellence is to meet the actual and potential needs of customers with high-quality products, and extend from product quality to work style and technical service, so as to make users feel at ease and happy with careful manufacturing and sincere service.

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